Quality products and service is a top priority for my business. We personally deliver all egg orders to each of our valued residential and retail customers.



My Golden comet hen currently produce approximately three dozen eggs each day.  The eggs are gathered, washed, and packaged in cartons. The medium and large brown eggs are delivered to customers within a day or two after being collected.  

Golden Comets

Currently, I have 100 Golden Comet hens. The Golden Comet chickens are one of two modern day production brown egg laying hens. They are known for their fast body development, fast egg production and rich brown egg shell color. The parent stock is made of the Cherry Egger male and the Rhode Island White female.  

Bio Security

My hens are happy and healthy and produce Grade A eggs. They are fed Dumor products in addition to fruits and vegetables.  My hens receive exercise daily as they forage freely on our 1/2 acre land. 


The UGA agricultural agents of Carroll County talked with my mom and me to instruct me on how to properly take care of my hens. Isolation, Traffic Control & Sanitation are import for my Golden Comets. I have to effectively be able to minimize any preventable disease outbreak.   

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